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Wincomm Medical Fanless Hot-swappable Batteries Touch Panel PC Has Won the Best Choice Golden Award 2018 and COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018
Wincomm has developed the WMP-22G, a leading performance, equipped with a high-powered Intel Kabylake CPU platform, to win two awards – Beat Choice Golden Award and COMPUTEX d&i awards 2018. It features integrated 3 hot-swappable batteries, i-Control design for thermal, power and CPU intelligent management, operating 24 /7 run time at stable performance. In addition, Wincomm developed i-control intelligent management system, can optimize the power supply, while taking into account the cooling and CPU performance utilization management. ..
Wincomm Announced Intel 6th gen. Core i Skylake CPU Platform WLP-7F20 Fanless Industrial Panel PC Series
Wincomm announced upgraded high-end Intel 6th generation skylake CPU platform to fanless industrial panel PC WLP-7F20 series. The full flat panel PC comes in four sizes, 15''/ 16'' /17''/ 19''/ 21.5’’. Compared to the previous generation WLP-7D20 series, skylake advantage is in its CPU performance upgrade. The CPU performance will be depended on different applications, and it is still improved the overall system performance. ..
Wincomm Welcomes You to Visit Computex 2018
In 2018, Wincomm invites all our business partners and industrial decision makers to empower Industrial & Medical Computing Solutions including Train, Vehicle, Full IP Waterproof and Explosion Proof Appliances, Medical ePlatforms as Edge Computing to Build IoT Infrastructure, as well as others. ..
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