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edical Computer Upgrade Wincomm Releases Intel Broadwell CPU series: WMP-19A / WMP-22A
The 19 inch fanless medical grade panel PC WMP-19A and 21.5 inch WMP-22A both come with the 5th generation Intel Broadwell-based i7-5500U 2.40G (Passmark: 3962) / i5-5200U 2.20G (Passmark: 3505). There is a performance improvement over the previous generation WMP-197 / WMP-227, and the graphics capabilities have also been improved significantly. ..
Wincomm's Stainless Steel Fanless touch panel PC – WTP-9A66-22 and Medical Grade Panel PC -WMP-249 are winners of the 2016 d&i award by iF
Wincomm, a leader in the industrial panel PC field with a focus on unique thermal solutions, in 2015 launched the Full IP66 stainless steel WTP-9A66-19, which received the Best Choice Golden Award. Wincomm now introduces a 21.5-inch Full IP66 Stainless Panel PC ~ WTP-9A66-22, which has received an international design award from the 2016 Computex d&i award recognition. ..
2016 Computex Success Ending
Wincomm exhibited new products at the 2016 Computex exhibition booths Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F K1315. Also on display will be food-grade stainless steel models、outdoor and medical grade touch panel models. ..
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